Mountain Skills Course: UK & Alpine Peaks

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For those who've done some hillwalking & want to learn mountain skills that suit the challenge of Autumn, Winter & Spring in UK hills or further afield.

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All activities and courses are tailored to suit groups' individual requirements and abilities.

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How robust are your mountain skills? Are you an “all seasons” mountaineer yet? Do you want to be?

Mountaineering Courses for UK Hills in Any Season

Autumn, Winter and Spring – the colder seasons, with shorter days, bring challenges that can test the hardiest mountaineers! BUT… the freezing temperatures, gale force winds, rain, cloud, snow and ice don’t just bring challenge: they also bring the best of all mountain days to those who persevere and develop the mountaineering skills to cope. The infinitely variable conditions that face every hillwalker and mountaineer in the colder half of the year are an absorbing and life affirming change from most people’s daily grind. It can be nature in its rawest form!
A mountain skills course will cover the necessary skills to give you the confidence to walk almost any non-climbing terrain in the UK mountains in Autumn, Winter and Spring; whatever the conditions. This is much more than a simple mountain navigation course tuned into winter!

Alpine Mountaineering Courses

Are your sights set higher? Maybe you’re looking at summitting easier big peaks in the European Alps and further afield! We can tailor an alpine climbing training course that will prepare you for the extra demands of these bigger mountains. Prepare yourself for:

  • Glacier travel
  • Moving together when roped up
  • Route finding
  • Operating and moving quickly and efficiently
  • Ascending and descending fixed ropes on exposed terrain.

This training will ensure that you have the skills and the confidence to perform comfortably in the new, high mountain environment. We can also offer the chance to learn how to tackle such ground in the dark.

Mountain Skills Course

Designed to build on your previous level of hillwalking experience, these mountaineering courses may include any or all of these elements;

  • Mountain survival tips & kit
  • Equipment selection
  • Contents of your pack and how this will effect  decision making/walking speeds etc
  • Weather forecasting/ interpretation and understanding what the weather conditions on the mountain might be
  • Foul weather and winter navigation techniques
  • Route choice
  • Risk management
  • Use of ropes and moving on steep ground
  • Mountain survival strategies
  • Use and choice of ice axe & crampons and self arrest
  • Emergency procedures

These are full days on the hill, in real mountaineering situations, under the watchful eye of Keswick Mountain Adventures’ highly qualified instructors.